Why Do Dogs Like Chew Toys, And Why They Chew Toys On Their Caretaker?

Why Do Dogs Like Chew Toys | Why They Chew On Their Owner

Pets enjoy playing. They like to chew toys because they want to spend time with their owner. Furthermore, tiny puppies behave like children and enjoy good occasions. Moreover, people enjoy doing something out of the ordinary. Chew toys are their absolute favorites.

You may have seen them chewing on chew toys. Do chew toys serve as food for them? No, not at all. In this essay, I will answer two important questions: why do they like to chew on toys? Similarly, why do dogs chew toys on their master’s lap?

Why do dogs like chew toys?

Let us rejoice: if your dog is chewing on her chew toy, she is not chewing on your sofa. Even better, chewing is a natural action with numerous advantages. Moreover, dogs like chew toys because of some particular reasons. Let’s see what those are.

Teething Period

Your dog is a little puppy, like a baby. The reason behind the likeness of chew toys could be the teething period. As a dog owner, it’s your duty that your dog must chew the right things. Provide him with plenty of chew toys.

Seeking Comfort and Entertainment

Many dogs chew toys when they are anxious. So chewing makes them feel comfortable. Just like yoga and meditation, chewing toys help dogs relax when they are suffering from stress. Moreover, chew toys act as a source of entertainment for them also.

Method to stay away from destructive chewing

As you may have guessed, dogs adore and require chewing. You don’t want your dog’s natural chewing impulses to destroy your leather shoes or expensive furnishings. Chew toys are an excellent technique to discourage destructive chewing.

Play Alone

Chewing toys is an excellent method for dogs to spend time alone when they don’t have a tug-of-war friend. You can work or eat without being distracted while they gnaw on chew toys.

Why does my dog chew his toys on me?

A black dog playing tug of war

Mostly, when I am sitting, my pup comes, sits on my lap, and starts to chew his toys on me. Well, it’s fun, but sometimes not. And I know that it happens with many dog owners. 

Primarily, they do this as a gesture of feeling secure. Moreover, like children, they don’t want anything to happen to their chew toy. Additionally, they want to play with you. Dogs are pack animals, so it signifies a healthy relationship between you and your pet.

There are multiple reasons for this behavior. Being a dog owner, I wanted to share some important ones. Moreover, I will tell you some tips and tricks to change this game if it’s turning into an annoying habit.

Reasons why dog chew their toys on you

The following reasons address the why question!

Trust and comfort the dog’s toy chewing habit is like children desiring their parents to spend time and play with them. Moreover, you seem to them a trustworthy and protective person. Therefore, they don’t bother about invading your space while chewing their toys on your lap. 

Gaining attention

Another reason could be seeking attention. If that’s the case, divide your time in chunks and give them more affection. Moreover, please don’t make them feel like chewing toys is the only thing to receive your attention.

Need playtime with you

If dogs aggressively shake their toys, it clearly shows their demand to play with you. Moreover, it’s true when your dog is nudging toys toward you. If this action continues, you can stimulate their brain by playing their desired game.

Ways to train them to stop this habit

I am sharing six ways to train your dog to play with chew toy elsewhere while feeling safe and secure.

Behavior Encouragement

Dogs love to play with you. Therefore, if this behavior of chewing toys on your lap doesn’t annoy you, encourage and play with them. Moreover, you can pet and talk to them in a baby tone while they are sitting on your lap.

Move away or change your place.

If your pup chews his toys on you, get up, move away, or change your place. Eventually, he will understand this and learn to chew in a different location gently and compassionately. Soon, this habit of chewing toys on your lap will blow away his mind.

Build and arrange a play area

His only haven could be your lap, implying he wants to spend all his time here. So, build and decorate an exciting play area for him and train him to bring the toys. Moreover, if you both have an exceptional attachment, set the play area closer to your workplace. 

Similarly, you can provide them with a cozy blanket or bed and a toy crate. Place the toys in the play area when your dog tries to nibble on you.

Play with your dog

The obvious thing you can do is spend time with your dog. If the dog chews toys on you for several hours, it’s a hint your pup wants to play with you. After some lively play, your puppy will bond with you and be ready to relax.

Ignore your pet

This trick works best when your dog is clingy. If you ignore your dog, he will stop chewing his toys on you and leave. But if your dog doesn’t have an attention-seeking issue, this strategy won’t work. The reason could be he wants your presence only.

Use positive reinforcement

Please treat them when they don’t chew their toys on you. It is a sign of positive reinforcement. Never use punishment or negative reinforcement; it will only make them aggressive. 

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  • Dogs love to chew toys, so this article has summarized the reasons.
  • Moreover, these animals chew toys while sitting on the lap of their master. Chewing toys is good until and unless it turns into destructive chewing.

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