Pets always need someone or something to play with and enjoy. They love to play with toys mostly. Therefore dog owners must know some exciting dog toys. And so kong classic dog toy come on the list. Being a dog owner, have you heard about them before?

 If so, how well do you know how to use a kong classic dog toy to engage your dog? 

Well, you will get all your answers in this article. Kongs are among the best dog toys, and their versatility makes them an excellent choice for almost any dog.

The crucial question is how well you can use them. In this essay, I’ll review the five greatest methods to use them. So let’s start with it, but wait; first of all, I will go through with the introduction and benefits. Later on, I will move toward methods.

What are Kong classic toys?

Kong is rubber-filled hollow toys. Some of them are extremely soft. These classic Kong toys work best for little puppies who are going through their teething period. Moreover, others which are pretty harder are great for strong chewers.

As they are hollow, you can fill them with dog treats or food items your dog likes to eat. Once the dogs finish their meal, you can easily clean Kong toys in the dishwasher. After that, they are ready to use again.

Kong classic toys are available in various sizes, from extra-small for toy breeds to extra-extra-large for giant dogs. Fortunately, there is a Kong toy for almost any dog’s demands.

Benefits of using Kong Toys

Mental Stimulation

The reality is that we are not always available to play with pets. We take them on long walks and play interactive games like tug of war. Unfortunately, we are busy sometimes. Therefore, these Kong toys help to keep your dog mentally stimulated and engaged.

Keep Your Dog Busy

Depending on your dog’s attitude and level of interest, stuffing a Kong toy with food or treats can keep him occupied for several hours. A Kong classic dog toy can help some dogs with mild separation anxiety avoid destructive behavior. It means these toys provide enjoyment and an outlet for the dog’s energy while alone.

Feeding of meal

Feeding meals from a Kong toy rather than a food bowl helps increase your dog’s physical activity while making a small piece of food last longer. Therefore, other than playing, giving a meal to dogs through Kong toys is also beneficial.

Five uses of Kong Toys

There are five best uses of Kong toys, so I am sharing those with you

Diet Fulfillment

Stuffing these toys with various recipes is perfect for your dog to enjoy its favorite thing with a twist every time. If you want a super easy treat for your dog, try a small amount of kibble with peanut butter. Moreover, you can also try those baked specially to fit in Kong classic dog toys easily.

Fill toys with different stuffing levels

Make it easy for dogs new to KONG by loosely packing the KONG with their favorite treats. Ensure the food is tiny enough to fall out readily while the dog plays. Dogs can hear the sweets inside KONGs beckoning to them as they move them when it is loosely stuffed. Furthermore, intelligent dogs will find the best methods for extracting loosely packed treats.

It’s time to change the game when your dog devours its KONG. Therefore, fill the KONG with wet and dry foods to make it more difficult and last longer. The variety of textures keeps things interesting, and each bite is delicious in its unique manner.

For watching a demonstration of perfect stuffing, check the link below

Use Kongs for summer treats by freezing them

Frozen KONGs can provide an additional challenge that stimulates problem-solving and cerebral exercise, keeping your dog entertained for hours. Moreover, freezing a KONG can also aid with digestion and slow down how quickly they consume the treat

Therefore, freeze the Kongs for summer treats that may keep your dog cool and happy. Moreover, freezing Kongs become extra delicious, and your dog will like them a lot.

Try to utilize 3 Kongs

KONGs provide enrichment by satisfying a dog’s innate need to chew. Stuffing the toy with rewards like peanut butter and kibble extends the challenge, providing up to hours of cerebral stimulation. Ensure your dog has a KONG ready to go by keeping three KONGs on hand.

You can utilize three Kongs by managing like this:

Give your dog a plush Kong for today to keep him engaged and occupied with hours of enrichment. Meanwhile, you can complete your other work. 

The second one is a frozen Kong. Frozen Kongs are better for keeping your pup busy for a longer time. Therefore, stuff a separate kong with his favorite meal and put it in the freezer. 

Thirdly, Because KONGs are top-rack dishwasher safe, you can put them in the dishwasher once your dog has finished with them. It will save you time during the entire busy season. 

Always clean Kongs properly after usage

Proper cleaning of the Kong classic toys after usage is safe for your dog’s health. KONG Classic dog toys, fortunately, are top-rack dishwasher safe and can be washed alongside the rest of your dishes.

When washing KONG classic toys, you can still use regular dishwashing detergent. Alternatively, you can soak the KONG in hot, soapy water to remove any leftovers. After that, scrape and remove any stubborn items lodged inside with a bottle brush or old toothbrush. Rinse the KONG thoroughly and allow it to dry for later use.

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Kong toys are preferable for any dog. They fulfill the playing as well as eating needs of your canine. Therefore, you can try giving food items through them. But when experimenting, fill your dog’s Kong toy with goodies and food. Moreover, be sure you’re not giving your dog too many calories.

Even with these new treats, aim to consistently maintain your dog’s daily caloric intake. Moreover, let them play and enjoy their time!

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