How Best wireless electric fences for dogs Can Help You

How Best wireless electric fence for dogs Can Help You

In the Past taming dogs and other pets was considered difficult and time-consuming as a dog is an animal that likes to roam freely around, so it makes it difficult for a dog owner to train them to remain in their limited area; that makes the owner have much patience for taming their pets. But as we entered the Technology era, brands introduced different methods for containing pets and dogs in a limited area. 

Experienced dog owners should be familiar with the stress of losing their pets. Do you have any idea about wireless electric fences for dogs? You must have because you would not be reading this. I understand that wireless electric fences for dogs are a huge investment. We will cover the best wireless electric fence for dogs in this post. Let’s begin.

Wired Electric Fence

SportDOG Brand Wire & Flag Kit for In-Ground Fence Systems

Wired Electric Fence
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The first electric wired system was invented by Richard Peck in the year 1973 with an electric company named ‘Invisible Fence Inc’’ after watching dogs killed in road accidents, he invented an electric fence system to contain domestic pets like cats and dogs within confined boundaries. It was an invisible series of underground wire systems and a transmitter that emitted radio signals to the pets or dog collars. It gave them a mild electric shock that was harmless and made them remember not to cross the boundaries. The main disadvantage of a wired fence system is wireless electric fences for dogs that wired can be broken and worn out with time and is more time-consuming. The wired fence system’s only advantage is that it works on any area or terrain. For example, it is best for hilly areas.

Wireless Electric Fence System

PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence for Dogs

PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence for Dogs
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Later, the same company developed a wireless electric fence system for dogs and other domestic pets. The wireless electric fence has the same mechanics as a wired electric fence; the only difference is that you don’t need to lay the whole wire in your backyard or garden; instead, it uses the wireless signal from the base unit. The owner installs a transmitter in the center point of their property, from where a circular radio signal builds an invisible fence around your property, ranges 10 feet to 150 feet approximately. It gives your dog warnings in the form of sounds, citronella Spray, and mild electric shock, which is harmless like in a wired electric fence system, to teach them not to cross confined boundaries.

Pros of Wireless Electric Fences

  • It is easy to install. You can also change its place whenever you want, and it is easily portable.
  • Installation is free and sometimes less expensive.
  • Easy to train your dog.
  • Easily maintained.
  • Safe for dogs even if you are not present at home.
  • Won’t block your view of the surrounding.

Corns of Wireless Electric Fences

  • They won’t work on uneven terrains. The wireless signal won’t work well there if your property has hills and bumps. 
  • They work only in circular perimeters, emitting radio signals in circular ways.
  • The metals and other large items around your property can disturb the signals.
  • It will not work on a small property; your yard should be big enough to allow your dog to play.
  • Weather patterns can interfere with the signals.
  • It can only work on the pet-wearing collar. Other animals can enter and leave your property easily.

The Best Wireless Electric Fence for dogs.

There are many brands out there, but before buying, one should know their requirements and buy accordingly, which include


A person should know its warranty and its battery pack and see its manufacture the material.

Coverage area

You should know how much area you want to cover in their property and buy accordingly, as all fences have different coverage areas.

Water resistance

Mostly they all came up with water resistance. But you should see it first before buying.


price matters a lot. Check the price according to your budget.

Electrical and lightning protection.

It should be electrical and lightning protection so that it won’t hurt your dog during extreme weather.

Collar weight and comfort

It would help if you bought collars that are less in weight, and their belt material should be comfortable for your dog.

Dog size

It would help if you bought your wording to your dog’s size. Many collars are camp with adjustable straps, so you should watch for them before buying.

The Best Electric Fence For Dogs Wireless System Top Brands

Here is the list of some most famous brands of wireless electric dog fences

Halo 2 Collar Virtual Fence

Halo 2+ Wireless Dog Fence and GPS Dog Collar

Halo 2 Collar Virtual Fence
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It covers up to 10 square miles, with one collar per dog, a rechargeable battery, and water resistance. Work even if Wi-Fi is not connected. It gives buzzes and beeps with static feedback to dogs.

Spot on Collar

Red Dingo White Spots on Red Dog Collar

Spot on Collar
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It also covers up to 10 to 12 square miles, with one collar per dog, rechargeable and water resistant. It comes in an adjustable collar size for all sizes of dogs.

Petsafe free-to-roam Wireless Fence

PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Pet Fence for Dogs

Petsafe free-to-roam Wireless Fence 
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Covers almost 1 to 2 acres with unlimited collars. Have 6 volts of battery power, and it is waterproof.

Smart Wireless Dog Fence Collar.

PetSafe SMART DOG Training Collar

Smart Wireless Dog Fence Collar
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It has a health monitor tracker for your dog, covering almost 60 feet in diameter for circular. Its can work without Wi-Fi as well. It has a long rechargeable battery with water resistance.

They have different prices according to different countries. You can view their prices on Amazon, with people’s reviews, which will help your buying decision.

Which countries are using Wireless electric fences for dogs more?

The wireless electric fence system is considered more famous in the US as they have mostly flat areas, whereas the wired electric fence system is more famous in the UK because the UK has a hill area. That’s why the wireless electric wireless system is not so famous in the UK.

Are these Wireless Electric Fences safe for your dog?

The answer is YES, and they are safe; although they create a little discomfort to dogs, these fences are only to correct dog behavior so that they learn not to cross the boundary without any harsh experiences. Some dogs sometimes get hyper with these signals, so precautions are needed, but they will learn eventually after the two-three experience.

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