Can I Give My Dog Rib Bones?

Can I Give My Dog Rib Bones

You may have seen them packed at the butcher, or it’s also possible that you’ve just glanced down at an otherwise empty plate and thought about whether or not you should give your dog any of your pork rib bones. On the other hand, what the expression “throwing your dog a bone” really refers to may become somewhat more convoluted. It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking Can I Give My Dog Rib Bones? from your last meal is a kind and non-harmful deed when, in reality, you might be jeopardizing his life. It is possibly hazardous that sharing rib bones with your dog is not worth risking, regardless of whether the bone’s kind. You may discover that this is the case.

If you Have this Question, Can I Give My Dog Rib Bones?

No, to provide the answer in a nutshell. According to Susan Konecny, RN, DVM, who serves as the medical director of Best Friends Animal Society®, “I do not advocate providing pork rib bones to your dog.” Regarding your dog’s nutrition, they should never consume cooked bones of any sort, nor should they consume raw bones of any kind, including chicken and pig.

Stephanie Liff, DVM, proprietor of Pure Paws Veterinary Care in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York, says, “While pig itself is a good protein source. 

Dangers of Giving Rib Bones to Dogs

Offering your dog a bone might result in an unexpected trip to the veterinarian, probable emergency surgery, or even death. Therefore, before giving anything to your four-legged friend as a gift, you should be clear that it is safe for them to consume. Your pup can be at a potential risk of choking on pork rib bones, and they might also sustain catastrophic harm to their mouth, throat, or intestines if they split into little pieces. According to Konecny, “once any bone is bitten into little bits. It may obstruct the intestines and lead to a painful case of constipation. Additionally, it can cause lacerations of the mouth and internal organs.”

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Raw bones are harmful for several reasons; in addition to the fact that they are more prone to splinter into little pieces, salmonella and germs are another concern. Cooked bones, on the other hand, pose a lower risk of splintering. According to Liff, “even if the dog does not swallow the bone, ingesting the fatty tissue on the bone can cause vomiting and diarrhea, leading to dehydration, protein loss, and other severe intestinal upset symptoms.” [Citation needed] “Even if the dog does not swallow the bone,” [Citation needed] “Ingesting the fatty tissue on the bone can cause Pancreatitis is a potentially fatal ailment that is linked to the consumption of high-fat meals like pork rib bones. This condition may also be cause by eating pork rib bones.

Safe Alternatives for Dogs

There is no justification for putting your dog’s health in jeopardy. There are a lot of fantastic options available on the market.

Liff noted, “I normally prefer bully sticks, antlers, or robust rubber toys,” He added that these were his recommendations. “As a general rule, I suggest selecting a size bigger than you’d expect your dog to chew on. This will help prevent your dog from shredding it into smaller pieces and ingesting the fragments,” says the author. “It’s best to choose a size larger than you’d anticipate your dog to chew on.”


No matter how adorable your pet may be while asking for a piece of your bone. Your responsibility is to put their safety first. So instead, seek alternate solutions. That will enable them to chew safely while allowing them to enjoy themself. Make sure that you constantly keep an eye on your cat while it is chewing.

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